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Trade your ERC-721 PUPS

Unlike regular Decentralized Meme Eco Systems, the ERC-721 PUPS adopted by WOOFIE holders are all tokenized in ERC-721 token form. This allows ERC-721 PUP owners to transfer, buy, sell or trade their ERC-721 PUPS inside and outside the WOOFIE Eco System. This one-of-a-kind feature provides exceptional transparency and visibility to all users. The ERC-721 PUPS are traded through the Opensea NFT Marketplace. However, all of the ERC-721 tokens from the WOOFIE Eco System could also be traded outside of the Opensea NFT Marketplace. This is what makes WOOFIE so memeable and revolutionary - making this possible as well means that there is a high chance in the future for other compatible (dog meme) projects to include and trade the ERC-721 PUPS in their Eco Systems and vice versa.