📍WOOFIE Whitepaper

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WOOFIE is a Revolutionized Dog Friendly Meme Coin on the Ethereum Network. The Woofie Eco System is designed to provide the users with a memeable and lucrative experience by rescuing your favorite dogs from the shelter, and taking care of your ERC-721 Pups while earning daily WOOFIE rewards.

You can be the owner of your favorite ERC-721 Pups in the Metaverse by adopting them and taking care of them in a DAPP, while at the same time rescuing the lives of many dogs in real life.

WOOFIE aims to be the biggest Revolutionized Dog Friendly Meme Coin on the blockchain where it offers all of its users a unique experience. WOOFIE is the place to be for all the dog meme crypto communities combined.

ERC-721 Pups are virtual player-owned Dog NFTs minted in the ERC-721 standard which may be traded on the OpenSea Marketplace, or you can sell them via P2P to another player.

The WOOFIE DAPP is deployed on the Ethereum Network and is compatible with web3 wallets such as MetaMask, which will be used to accept transactions and pay for gas fees. MetaMask can be installed as a browser extension, or as an application on your mobile devices.

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