Shiba Inu

ERC-721 Shiba Inu
ERC-721 PUPS - Shiba Inu
Shiba Inu are the seventh type of breeds from the 7 original ERC-721 PUPS. Shiba Inu are passionate hunters who fundamentally distrusts strangers, both humans and animals. A Shiba Inu can be a good watchdog, but does not tend to bark unnecessarily. If the Shiba Pup is well socialized from an early age, they can later integrate well into a group.
As soon as you adopted your first memeable Shiba Inu, you will earn rewards on a daily basis, which you can claim every time you take care of your memeable four footer. Take care of your Husky Inu through the WOOFIE DAPP.
Type: ERC-721
Name: ERC-721 PUP - Shiba Inu
Breed Type: 7
Fixed Minting Price In USD: $1250
Lifetime Daily Rewards: 2.15%
Adoption(Supply) Cap: 500
Monthly Fee: $30.00
Important Note: Both Adoption Systems & Reward Systems are designed to automatically convert their token amount to the equal USD value at that current time. This system solves a problem of the regular reward setups, which are made out of ponzi fundamentals, resulting in early investors to generate the most rewards followed by a big implosion afterwards.
If you want to adopt(mint) an ERC-721 PUP you pay the total token amount of the fixed USD value at that moment. This way you always pay the same amount regardless of what the chart is doing at that time, in both positive or negative ways.
This system works the same in terms of reward calculations. you always earn the same amount of rewards in USD value, regardless of what the chart is doing at that time, in both positive or negative ways. This means that early investors can never earn more then a set amount in USD value, creating a healthy environment for all investors.
This system solves both inflation & price implosion problems on the long term.
Each Shiba Inu from Breed Type 7 is limited to a total adoption of 500 pups.
Once the supply cap of each ERC-721 PUP is reached, the scarcity of the ERC-721 PUPS will be driven up which will result in a higher activity and/or volume on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace.