Swap ERC20 to WOOFIE

To start your way through the WOOFIE Eco System you will need 3 things:
  • A web3 wallet installed (MetaMask is recommended)
  • ETH to pay the Gas Fees on the Ethereum Network.
  • ERC20 currency (ETH, USDC etc.) to make swaps in the WOOFIE Eco System.
  • WOOFIE which you can purchase through Woofie Swap.
The first step can be taken by installing the Ethereum Network to your wallet, which is not always necessary. Most of the web3 wallets already have the Ethereum Network as default network.
Later, you can purchase your WOOFIE through WOOFIE Swap by following these steps:
  • Use the Exchange tool on WOOFIE Swap.
  • Input the WOOFIE token contract and import.
  • Accept the import and you'll be able to swap to WOOFIE!