Adopt your ERC-721 PUPS

A combination of Dog Breeding Centers and Dog Shelters paired with customized innovative ERC-721 PUPS make up the WOOFIE Eco System on the Ethereum Network. Each memeable ERC-721 PUP is utilized and is represented by the ERC-721 token standard.
Compete against other ERC-721 PUP owners by taking care of as much ERC-721 PUPS as possible. Whether it is a cute and elegant ERC-721 CHIHUAHUA INU, an energetic but also stubborn ERC-721 ROTTWEILER INU, or a classic & beautiful ERC-721 SHIBA INU. There is a variation of 7 different kinds of ERC-721 PUPS which you can choose to from.

Explore the crypto world of Iconic Meme Dogs

ERC-721 PUP owners can take care of multiple ERC-721 PUPS at the same time and receive daily rewards by taking care of their virtual meme footers. Each ERC-721 PUP gives you daily rewards in the form of WOOFIE tokens - the Eco System's native currency.
Through our Eco System, users are incentivized to adopt additional ERC-721 PUPS from the virtual Dog Breeding Centers. All WOOFIE that's being used to pay for the adoption(mint) of the ERC-721 PUPS, will end up in the Wormhole (Burn Wallet).