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Make your first steps as memeable ERC-721 PUP owner by entering the WOOFIE DAPP. To get started on adopting your first ERC-721 PUP please follow the following steps:
To start your way through the $WOOFIE dApp you will need 3 things:
  • A web3 wallet installed (MetaMask is recommended)
  • ​ETH to pay the Gas Fees on the Ethereum Network.
  • ERC20 currency (ETH, USDC etc.) to make swaps in the WOOFIE Eco System.
  • WOOFIE which you can purchase through Woofie Swap.
The next thing you have to do is open the WOOFIE DAPP from your Metamask DAPP browser, and click Adopt first ERC-721 PUP. You will now be asked to approve the WOOFIE DAPP in your wallet and all you have to do is press Confirm. Once the transaction is approved you will be able to set a name for your ERC-721 PUP, and click Confirm.
You will now be asked to confirm the transaction to pay X amount of WOOFIE, click Confirm. Once you clicked Confirm, your transaction will execute. Once your transaction is confirmed, your adoption process is successful, and you are now officially the owner of your ERC-721 PUP.
WOOFIE Dashboard - Adopt a Pup 1/3
WOOFIE Dashboard - Adopt a Pup 2/3
WOOFIE Dashboard - Adopt a Pup 3/3

WOOFIE DAPP V1 Beta Features

  • A global stats section displaying the price per WOOFIE, the TVL in WOOFIE, total number of ERC-721 PUPS adopted, current total WOOFIE supply, and total adoptions per day.
  • A personal stats section showing the ERC-721 PUPS you currently own, your WOOFIE balance, the amount of WOOFIE you receive per day, and your unclaimed WOOFIE.
  • The current limits for incoming and outgoing WOOFIE transfers as well as buys and sells.
  • The ability to adopt ERC-721 PUPS and give them a specified name.
  • The ability to transfer ERC-721 PUPS to the address of your choice.
  • The ability to claim rewards and adopt higher ranked ERC-721 PUPS.
Future features that will be included but not limited to:
  • The ability to see ERC-721 PUPS by their unique ID.
  • A voting panel for the community (to create ideas, vote for them, and share)
  • A leaderboard will be unveiled displaying who owns the mostERC-721 PUPS, and who takes care of them in the best possible way.

Claiming Rewards

WOOFIE rewards that you receive from your ERC-721 PUPS can be claimed through the WOOFIE DAPP. There are Smart Daily Limits in place to limit the maximum WOOFIE rewards that can be sold, which prevents any whales or holders from dumping their WOOFIE rewards daily causing a bearish scenario. By doing this, we incentive holders to treat their investment with love and passion instead of hurting the project and stack all rewards up to dump them all at once. This system causes a bullish scenario and bullish price action.